Thu. May 23rd, 2024

सदाशयता में अतिशयता


Dr. G. Bhakta article

 What man can do , what does he do , what does he desire to do now is his noble career offered by the greatest soul of supreme power . We should not indulge it fore the sake of own interest . It hampers our culture , civilization and ultimately the humanity .
 This is a negative notion that creates malpractices , disastrous and scourgeful.
Our altered thoughts and behaviors are hurtful to society breaking its unity and harmony . All evils and filthy characters torturs the human heart .
A drop of blood gives life to dying person . A drop of shed blood deteriorates our health then what advantage does bloodshed in battel imparts to nations ? Emotion of bloodshed or creating terror is not desirable .
Existence of universe depends on its gravitation and natural unity . Adverse interaction in creation breaks this unity and thus an imbalance in universal tie disperses it to Earthquake , thunder storm , draught , famine , sunamies and so many disastrous phenomena results . Likewise human race is graceful obligation of almity to create divinity in nature as we have been blessed by civilizations culture , knowledge , philosophy , science , technology , religion and hospitality . After all we have come to the core of complexity creating adverse notions malicious and scornful . Exploitation of rights , suppression of human desires can never soothe the people . It is a way to load terror and horrer in place of peace .
The nations who were the founders of punchsheelas and world peace and now assembling together to fight world war is an unwanted human discipline . It is a way to gain bad name , shame and defame and ultimately devastation no doubt .
Cool consideration to emotion is fatal to its existence , peace hails and avil disappears .
Kindly see , world’s ampoule population is power not a problem and we are pondering calamity , miss use of talent , power and prosperity . We are now what ? Only , what ever we have known a man and alas ! we are going to loose our man power .
 Please proceed pace to the path of peace . 

 Dr. G. Bhakta
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