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कोरोना – 19 के निवारणार्थ औषधि


 ओजिना , गण्डमाला , पायमिया , व खतरनाक रुप के इरिसेपिलस में यह व्यवहल होता है । नाक लाल और फूली , सर्दी , नाक से निकले स्राव से घाव हो जाना , नाक से साव के साथ घाव से रक्तस्राव साथ में बदबू फरिंग्स के ठीक सामने वाले भाग में घाव व पैपुल्स , मुख के सभी ग्लैण्ड फूले और उनमें दर्द वे फोड़े बन जाते हैं । दोकियल आज्मा , वृद्धों का बोंकाइटिस ।

 कम्पैरेटिव मैटरियामेडिका
 डा० एन० सी० घो०
 पृष्ठ सं0 – 903

 Mallein , Glanderin , Farcin , These three names are nosodes of a glanders or faracin . Known Glanders is the name of a disease found in horses . When the coattarhal symptoms are pronounced . ” Farcy ” when these are not noticeable , the skin being chiefly affceted with deposits in the wings . Homoeopathic preparation of both have been made . Those made from Farcy are distingised by the letter ” F ” triturations of sugar of milk saturated with the virus .

The nosode has been used by homoeopathis at the suggertion of Dr . Garth Wilkinson on the phenomena of the disease on guides in – A DICTIONARY OF PRACTICAL Mat . Med . by John Henery clarke , Page 906 – 907 .

 Symptoms cited No – ( 5 ) Nose and ( 17 ) Respiratory Organs considers its choice .

Vast pathogenesis and clear symptomatology is suggestive of similarity with Corona – 19 infected patients and their changing attitude of symptoms ( i ) Suffocation of breath causing death . ( ii ) Occumulation or blockage of wind pipes with blood clots . ( iii ) Appearance of skin erruption of various types Aggravation from x . mas till June and mostly in oldaged subjects are supported by deathly occuralce .

 Then ” Hippozaenium ” may be tried as both preventive and curative in 200th Potency.

 Honourable Dr . willium Boricke also coniders the above notes in his Materia Medica . For details consult the text kindly . We are trying them in locality now ” Hippozaenium ” 200 , 4 pills every week till the out break prevails as preventive , fore , there is no case of Korona active in our locality .

 Its curative dose will be six pills of 200th potency diluted in 1 / 2 cup of water to be taken 21sf , 2hrly . If other side symptoms gives specifically with similarity , will be followed collaterally or complimentaryremedy .

 In camps or wards , the same manner will be mentained but homeopathically , individual care should be taken if needed .

 Kindly always use – Similar Medicine , Single Medicine and Minimum does never loose courage ,

 Thank You .

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