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 (THE COVID – 19)
Dr. G. Bhakta

 My pen friend from abroad Dr. Flores Toledo (Mexico) gives his autograph on my book “A memorizer in Homoeopathy” in verse with impression than Homoeopathy is trace and we have to go ahead. It has shown me a Devinelight to work in need which may come true as a work indeed.
 This reminds me the event- when in 1982, April 23-24 at- Dhanbad (Now Jharkhand) Bihar attending fourth All India Homoeopathy scientific seminar with my paper infertility and Homoeopathy. The principal speaker was Dr. S. Kochar (MP) in 3rd session.
 In 2nd session subject of presenting paper was DISEASES OF UPPER, RESPIRATORY TRACT. by Dr. S. S. Raza (UP)., Dr. S. B. Sinha (WB) the chief editor of reknowned Homoeopathy monthly magazine. I have been regularly subscribing and studying that monthly issue. There was found nothing vital presentation of clinical efficacy to be appreciaped as vital scientific approach in therapeutics as a whole.
 Where i put some significant questions of upper respiratory tract. It too turn in presenting the gems of significant roll in therapeutics of those Ailments meeting with the organs of respiration. In the way, a few of eminent practitioners experience gave details of the medicine named “HIPPOZAINIUM”.
 I turned the pages of materiae medicas in my clinic. I found the gen in first volume of Clarkes Dictionary of material Medicas on page 906 and obliged a great exlent as Newton jumped out of delight as he would have found his desired goal.
 You may kindly think what not the given pharmacological, methodological, clinical and Therapeutical precept reveals the exact feature of nosological proving in Homoeopathic Practice in viruses clearly symptomatic and exact similimum.
 Hence I am requesting the Homoeopathic fraternity to experiment in this global scourge “Corona Virus – Covid-19” prevailing and sweaping the national population at present.
 No one can find in future such virulence spreading in the would as an out break of respiratory discomfort with damageful vitality. Please come, awake with your proved resources in services of man kind and verifying it up on the victins to quick surveillance clinically what possesses this Hippozainium in our hand.
 According to our therapeutic law of cure we have been successfully applying Aconite, Ipecac, Aneim tart, Antim ars, Gels, Ars iod, Camphor, Alleum cepa, Bryonia and Rhustox in common cases where as in pharyngeal discomforts or infection Kalimur, Kali iod, Baryta carb, Cal iod, Carbo veg, Coccus c, Sticta p, Phos, Kali bich and Aralia, Arsenic, Ammon carb, Phosphorus, Bacil, Tuberculin, Aviari and carbo v itc, in pulmonary complications. They must be given while treating Corona infected cases when symptomatically indicated, may surely abate the case bing complicated.
 As we apply Aconite with fear of death. Bell with hyper pyrexia and congestion in head and feet being cold. Ipecac with constant nausea. Bryonia in dryness in all over the system, constipation and headache. Arsenic in profound debility in terminal stage with cadaveric look, burning and restlessness so we should observe the possible similarity and treat them.
 Homoeopathy is great trace and I go ahead here lies the text of this genius Clarkes :-

Sweet Homoeopathy flow ever thy wonders of healing, it will never cease. (Dr. Gopi Ram Lowaton, London, England 06.03.1995)
 But sad, you never acknowledge on such efforts as 2 or 3 days before I had sent you regularly such request I hope this dispatch may get soon reply on my contact no. given above with regards.

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