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By : Dr. G. Bhakta



 Homoeopathy, “The Art of Healing” is also called the science of Therapeutics, Many terms have been used to signify Homoeopathy amongst medical systems of various types. The ideal cure, permanent cure, holistic treatment, etc, characterize homoeopathy regarding specificity in the field of practice to cure the disease not only the existing symptoms but also the pathology of the same and for preservation of health and control of disease in days to come.
Method of diagnosis and treatment in Homoeopathy is quite different from those of other prevailing systems. In principle and practice homoeopathy deserves prime position despise having some limitations and misbelieve in people.
After all, medicinal effects resulting in total cure confirms its all possible goodness in every sphere of human interest, socially, culturally, economically, genetically, public health as well as control of disease and all round betterment at global level.
Only the essence we deserve and follow is individuality, in totality to say integrity. This is our holistic thinking upon which our practice is absolutely based upon.

Analysis :-

 It is a high time for us to do for the grave challenges meeting and causing a dreaded situation among human race. Problems arising before medical science are numerous and even now are in creasing their volume to engulf the human society as their demography is day by day rising high in respect of number as well as in mortality, such problems are alarming and challenging too. We homoeopaths have to think and accept it as our duty to curb the scourge both clinically and through control measures.
Some people feels short comings and claim limitation and misbelieves regarding taking of case, vastness of symptoms, time taking in repertorisation, determination of miasma, ascertaining key note symptoms, maintaining therapeutic law and principles, selection of correct potency and dose. They also raise guestion of belief as homoeopathy generally fits on children. It acts very slowly. Its action depends on patients faith. All these are futile, of no significance, and totally meaningless. Regarding precautions and restrictions however necessary but some people hesitate to take homoeopathic medicine due to these reasons. Still such people on being aware of those restrictions were made free assume every thing they liked, had good response with to homoeopathic treatment.
Quality is always quality and effect is itself an effect, more or less it depends upon individuality of the patient and various conditions related to the origion, development, period of suffering and pathology of the same.
Clinical efficacy as cure of every systemic, general and accidental cases along with functional and pathological cases with regard to cure and control of the same has provided homoeopathy with a position which glorifies it. Besides these it has cured the cases of grave pathology, congenital or genetic cases, grave accidental sequences, psychological disorders, criminal activities, infertility etc. It has successfully recovered the pet animals from their all types of discomforts on perceived semiology. It has not only helped treatment and preventive measures but has enhanced their health productivity as well as thereby economic betterment, nutrition and agro industrial development as their passive result.
More or less Homoeopathy has assumed direction as imagined by master Hahnemann to do for highest purposes of human existence. Man exists in his culture and civilization. These terms of literature deal with up-to-date achievement procured by healthy population comprised of physical and mental well bering, energy, thought and deed, imagination and implementation as well as social and ethical soundness.
Homoeopathy, a system of medical science, simply known for treatment of ailing population has holistic approach to deal with the patient taking in view all of the aforesaid points which our civilization and culture needs to have. There is dire need of takling cancer which is not only difficult to cure but also its effect on genetics is very dreaded. It is abviously known that increasing number of this malady which does not only eat up the patient but also cats up everything that his family but the cancer causes sweeping of life, wealth as well as causes anxiety for future in every respect.
We cure cancer Homeopathically. Many past and present practitioners well skilled in Homoeopathic prescribing treated it successfully. There is no medicinal cure as many people say and Allopath too. Dr. Eli. E. Jones, a homoeopathic practitioner of America made a record in the world to cure cancer patients through homoeopathy.
Whatever I have learnt and seen in my life in practice regarding diagnosis and treatment of cancer integrated approach should be done in taking the case in hand. Integrity of all general and particular symptoms, integrity of causes, integrity of past and personal history as well as family history, paternal, maternal and those of the husband’s family in case of female cases including treatment and management, integrity of living manners, occupational, inviroundmental and other social and emotional effects, fear, grief etc.
Two things are necessary to find out as essential feature to be the tools for the selection of curative remedy or a remedy to soothe the patient, stretch their lifespan, diminish pain and complication, correct malignancy, recover health, strength, vitality and replace fear and anxiety with the ray of satisfaction. Those two essentials are etiological pathology and miasmatic nosology. The symptoms comprising of subjective and objective (Path gnomic too) with dominance of miasm or its latent state, admixture of drug induced symptoms to be considered together if significant otherwise those should be omitted while considering the original symptoms. Such plan must reflect in our case taking having all informations systemic, sequential, iatrogenic and other possible modality, con commitments altogether. All these features clinically suffice to work for correct prescribing. Such integration on logical consideration to fit with the Herrings Law of cure, there is no doubt curing or relieving the discomfort in patients they suffer. This is the law and practical evidence.
Now we are standing at the point of historical change where it needs much more attention. We, the homoeopaths practicing all over the world should take it as their own task to deal with so called incurable cases individually or diseases at mass level. The mass acceptance is now encompassing the quality and virtue of Homoeopathic medicine to solve the problem. On 10th may 2008. In Hindi Daily “Hindustan” gave the news in which Govt. of Bihar state (India) has realized that due to side effect of Allopathic medicines mass dissatisfaction is growing resulting in discarding their use and Govt. has raised the fund for purchase and supply Homeopathic medicines in hospital as to meet the increasing demand.


Being assembled here in this historical congress on “Integrated Medicine” from distant countries, our homoeopathic scholars have met and transacted on various topics of climical and Research Papers of their own and shared with the up-to-date Knowledge and working pattern in different sections of medical treatment through Homoeopathy on purely scientific parameter of laws and principles established by Dr. Hahnemann and his keen and earnest followers :-
To save the generation from mass devastation is the service to the nation. The physicians duty to fight for human existence not in quantity but in quality and activities will enrich human culture and civilization for peace, progress and prosperity, health, happiness and harmony on this Earth. This is the highest purpose of human existence.
It is the high time for Homoeopathic fraternity to accept –

For Health and Cure, Posterity is Ours”

May the world Commemorate this event!

Dr. G. Bhakta

Director :-

 Institute of Homoeopathic Treatment, Research and welfare (Regd.) Belsar Hat (Vaishali) Bihar

Secretary General :-

The all India Homoeopathic Veternary Practitioners Association.

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