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Dr. G. Bhakta article

 Preventive and social medicine ( P.S.M. ) is known to characterize the prevention of social causes relating to health hazards and its preventive measures . As we have to talk on such factor of sanitation , it needs cleanliness of house , in side and out side , drains , management of lavatory , urinols compost further it will need desinfective measures , spray of D.D.T. , bleaching , powder , kerosin oil and phenyle in drains to destroy mosquitoes , moths , etc. likewise antisepesis should be done by sterilization of utensils instruments , needs with aseptic measures and application of medicines and methods prescribed , some medicinal uses may do the same for prevention of infection and sepsis as we use soap . Mouth wash in tooth powders and pastes . Potassiumpermagnate in drinking water as . disinfectant or anti – venom A.T.S. or tet – vac for prevention of tetenus . For infestations of parasites we take wormpills wormicides to kill intestinal parasites . We also use medicine externally to doestroy lices , bugs etc. Homoeopathy has everything of this short to be used orally and get the benefit without any harmful effect .
 It checks such conditions and create immunity in body so that no hostile agent or parasite can remain further . They go spontaneously .
 Aside from these causes if we think in present – day situation we meet several new problems arising in this age of complexities in culture , civilization , life style , diet , recreation , means of transporations and its waist products , pollution explossives , automobile exausts of electronics bye products , satelites , mobile towers , radar , radio – active rays , mobile , TV electronic rays and their disperson , atomic blasts , insecticides , preservatives of food , stress factors of bussy life .
 Rapid change in civilization and manners , fast and bussy life has given many unwanted jobs and traditions to follow and suffer from its fatiging nature and annoyance . Thus we get no pleasure , no peace , no rest at all . Our nerves are always in tension and there get exhausted and suffer so many neurological strain . I had written an article in year 1976 , captioned A PLAN OF MODEL THOUGHT ON TIME SEQUENCE ” . Dr. Diwan Hanshchand appreciated it and suggested to present that paper in conference or seminar for mass consideration and remark there to . Dr. KVS Shastri had also written a book ” SEQUALE ” also on such subjects appreciated and very pertinent .
 In this regard day to day demand is growing to have their solution or to be remedied otherwise its effect may cause harm to the society .
 Such social problems cannot be overcome by chemical products or organic substitutes . It may create adverse effects when abused . It is advisable . Its effect on human population . The farmers were usinginsectides for plant protection . Some persons use personally and suicide them selves so a proper and effective antidotal measure should be given that may save the life but it should also be freeform harmful effect or a chance to perform social crime as some drugs are now to cause death .
 Preventive and social  medicines requirement is demand of society in every age for sale need if the medical system is given responsibility to provide effective P.S.M. Homeopathic contribution in the form of alternative or assessory measures would be the best if it is discovered and applied .

 Dr. G. Bhakta

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