Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

 Hahnemann, The Fore Runner

 There should be no hesitation any more now consideiring Dr Samuel Hahniman the founder of Homoeopathy when he propounded the priciple of similia, single medicines and minimum dose, dymanic remedial agent, proving on healthy human being, discovery of miasm and role of vitalforce, total and permanent cure, rapid gentle and easily restoration along with no side effect of medicine after patient is discharged cure and more over the nosodes to be used as both prophylactic and curative as well he ran a long race fore higher purposes of human existence being an unprejudised observer but a preserver of health.

 After all medical smartness they made patients the drug addicts or dependant on drug where Homoeopathy is called the healing art.

 When Dr Edward Jenner searched small pox vaccine in 1796 and gave vaccinosis. Hahniman searched its remedy to erradicate its draw backs and obliterate out growths of the skin is no doubt he ran ahead. Why not we can say that Hahniman has been a fore runner in this race in sector of health and cure.

 One or all may say these facts a matter of reseachered, then what can we say about “contraria contraris” of Gallen before Hahniman “similia similibus curantre” is a subject of kind consideration.

Dr. G. Bhakta

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